Birth Chart

First House

Also called the ascendant, the first house denotes self, personality, name and fame, health in general, longevity, temperament and basic qualities in life

Second House

Denotes wealth, finances, family the person is born in, mouth, taste and speech

Third House

Courage, siblings, arms, neck, throat and shoulders, short-distance journeys, litigations, communications, writing

Fourth House

Residence, domestic happiness, peace of mind, mother, friends, conveyance, land, heart, lungs and chest region, pets

Fifth House

Mind, intelligence, education, previous life, stomach, children, connections with large organizations, hospitals

Sixth House

This is considered an evil house. Enemies, competitors, employment, diseases, urinary diseases, maternal uncles and financial debt

Seventh House

Life partner, business partner, partnership of any kind, person of opposite sex, delay in travel, and characteristics of spouse

Eighth House

This is also considered an evil house. House of death, manner of death, financial disaster or severe health troubles, loss of name, inheritance, hidden treasure, in-laws

Ninth House

Father, luck, religion, change in religious beliefs, foreign country, wife's siblings, grandchildren, charity and sacrifices

Tenth House

Government, career, authority, ruling powers, karma, promotion in job, working for a charitable cause.

Eleventh House

Profit, financial gains, sources of making money, left arm, friends

Twelvth House

Expenses, losses, vices, pleasure of bed, next life, imprisonment, left eye and greed.

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