Yearly Horoscope

Year 2019


Saturn will stay in neutral sign sagittarius and Jupiter will move into his own sign on March 31st. Ketu will be in Gemini and Rahu will stay in Sagittarius in year 2019. Jupiter's transit into ninth and his own sign will change the whole game. Suddenly you will start feeling lucky and you will accomplish a lot this year. All your plans will will be successful. The good thing is that this success will not spoil your mind in any way because the Jupiter will give you the wisdom that it is a Gift from God and a result of the patience you maintained in the previous years. Since Jupiter rules twelfth house also, You will take more than one trip overseas and both of them will be for some noble reasons. If involved in any project overseas, it will take off suddenly like a bullet and with immediate large financial gains. You will open your heart and help a sibling in big way. People working for others will come across some great opportunities in career in month of April, July and September. Any opportunity you grab, will prove to be lucky break and last for many years. Purchase of a bigger home in the month of June and another business in the month of September is also a possibility. Jupiter's transit in ninth will also bring prosperity to children also. There will be few celebrations and marriage of one of your eligible bachelor child will take place during 2019. Jupiter in ninth will bring drastic changes in your religious beliefs and suddenly you will start drifting away from religious places and become spiritual. 


Saturn and Rahu will stay in eighth and Jupiter will also move into eighth on March 30th. Saturn's aspect on tenth, the house of career, profession is favorable. This Saturn is especially helpful for people working in any kind of research, insurance, hospitals and information and technology industry. Of course you will have to keep working hard or even extra hours to meet the pressure of deadline throughout 2019. Some of you may sign a deal to purchase a nice property in the month of March but move around June or July. Jupiter's moving away from seventh will help those seeking an ideal soulmate for long time. It can happen sudden any day after March 31st, 2019. It will be still a good practice not to take decisions on the spot , thinking with a calm and rational mind will help to make better selection in all matters. Some of you may even launch a major project in association with some very smart and calculated people in the month of May. Moneywise you will have several chances to make extra money and buying and selling stocks could be one of the way this year.  There is a strong chance of money through litigation or other legal channels. This year you will distant yourself from many useless people in life. You will learn a lot from past mistakes and be careful in making friends and business partners. Saturn's transit in eighth will help you find new associates who will be instrumental in your success in next few years. Control your impulses and do not fall for any scheme in July or will face quick financial losses as Mars will transit first and second thereafter.


Saturn will stay in seventh along with rahu and Jupiter will enter it's own house on March 31st, 2019. It will be a better year by all means. Expect some major changes in career this year. Business will multiply or you may start another location. Your plans will get implemented successfully and results will make every body at home happy. A child may leave home and move away for educational purpose in 2019. And of course there is no escape from hard work but it will be rewarding. If you don't waste your time and stay focused, 2019 should turn out to be another turning point in your life as far as career is concerned. Luck is definitely on your side this year. Since Jupiter lord of seventh is in house of gains till may 18th, it can start new association, partnerships and marriage for bachelors is also not out of question. You may find some one who is born outside the country you are living in right now. This person will come from a very good family and will be well educated. A business venture in Partnership with some like minded people also possible in first half of 2019. You will receive help and support from some one much older. Opportunities will come by them selves this year. Money wise you will do a lot better as income will multiply. You will be doing lots of religious and charity work and work towards salvation, thanks to Ketu in twelfth house. You will upgrade your home this summer when Mars transit fourth after June 22nd.


Saturn will transit sixth house. Jupiter will stay in fifth till March 31st and move into sixth there after. Mars will stay strong in second till June 22nd. Saturn will keep half of your attention towards immediate family. You will be busy resolving one issue or another involving family members this year. Some money will need to be spend on getting some work done in and around the home you live in. Jupiter in sixth, the house of employment will definitely cause big changes in career before May 18th and for most it will be a turning point, of course you will go through some learning process. These changes will open new doors and lead you to a totally unexplored territory in career. You will benefit from these changes right after May.. Mars in second till June 22nd will keep you on the edge as far as money is concerned but you will meet all financial commitments on time and discharge all liabilities gracefully. Do not buy any old vehicle or too old property as long as saturn is transiting fourth house and keep your eye on the road when driving any vehicle. Worshipping Lord Shiva, wearing a blue sapphire and donating black color objects will be helpful. You will be traveling to a nice place with family during summer this year. If you keep your emotions aside and stay focused on career, this year will turn out fruitful. Health will improve and you will be able to shed off some weight also with the change of diet only. You will become more social and make new friends in 2019.



.Jupiter's transit in fifth starting March 31st will be better. You will be relieved of lots of stress of past years. Peace of mind will be restored and you will start finding solutions to problems or hurdles chasing you especially in last year. Children will do better and if were waiting to get married, it will happen this year. You may also find some suitable partners for your business venture. People already in business will expand by buying more locations. Still till July it will be like a roller coaster ride but if you maintain a tough attitude, you will be winner. Now after July you will meet someone who will motivate and guide you and suddenly you will become very ambitious and try your hands in different directions. Results will be all positive and before the year ends, you will have no regrets. There is a strong chance of having another member added to family in August. You will still have to watch out and maintain a safe distance from someone tall and dark in color. Jupiter's transit in fifth will be beneficial and allow you to grow financially. Expenses will reduce a lot and you will see more money in the bank at the end of year. On the other hand planet Mars will continue to occupy good houses, providing with the stamina and courage to go after your goals. There is a strong chance that you may come across a nice property deal and jump onto it in the month of August. You still have to watch out for fine lines when signing any important paper this year. Transiting Jupiter in fifth will be helpful more to people in sales , teaching and communication industry. Saturn and enemy of your sign transiting fifth may start giving some trouble in stomach region and if you are not careful it could lead to some kind of surgery even. 


Saturn will stary in fourth this year. If you are ready to move, you can make it a better year otherwise transiting Saturn will just take away your peace of mind. Jupiter in third and then in fourth from March 31st  continue to provide you with some protection especially till September. Money wise you will continue to do well as Venus will transit favorable places for most of the time. The progress will be slow and gradual this year. People looking for ideal partners for their project will be successful in finding one in the month of February. Transiting Saturn in fourth may temp you to buy a run down business or a fixer upper property. Just don't do it. Throughout the year you will need lots of self control. Temptation to make quick money and company of a known trouble maker could get you in trouble. Some of you may accept an assignment in April in the direction West and move with rest of the family following later. Jupiter's transit in fourth after March 31st will bring financial prosperity and the money may pour in from more than one source. Jupiter this year will cause expansion in life and one of them is that you will have to keep on your diet and quantity otherwise will end up putting up weight. People looking for an expansion in the family, there can be no better favorable transit. Money wise April, June and time after September is good. You will need be extra careful with health in between October 13th and November 22nd when Mars will transit your sign. Transiting Mars can cause high blood pressure problem and may even inflict non fatal injury on the body. It will be a better year for people in consulting , teaching , banking or food business. Just stay away from wrong crowd, drive carefully and stay focused on your targets and the year can pass by comfortably. 


Saturn will transit third house and Jupiter will stay in second house till March 31st  before moving into third along with Saturn.. This Saturn will bring all round prosperity in life. Struggle of past will be over and new opportunities will knock at your door. This year is the perfect time to make your move and take any chance. Saturn will bring lots of stability in life. Some of you may even join a short term program to enhance and update your knowledge. You may also buy a beautiful house and replace one of your vehicle with luxury model this year. Legal matters started last year will come to a favorable end this year and you will be served full justice. You will continue to receive valuable advice and leads from a matured person. Bachelors will ultimately find some one who will be intelligent and a great planner. You may also discard few friends from your list and maintain relations only with humble and nice people. Expext big growth as far as finances are concerned. You will be making more money and business will do better. You may start another big project and manufacture produuct that can be used by common masses. This will be a very good year for people in gas,oils,minerals and metal industry. You may also purchase a property for investment purpose and this deal will be profitable from day one. Strong Mars in eleventh will keep you financially strong and all loan applications will be accepted in first shot. You will make couple of trips in west direction and those trips will be very lucky.


Saturn will transit second house along with Rahu . Jupiter will stay in first till March 31st  and will move in second there after. Mars will stay strong in house of career till June 22nd. Finances will pick up only after March  when Jupiter enters his own house but before that you will need to do lots of juggling in order to keep your commitments. Spending too much money on advertsing will not be helpful before May 18th. Saturn's transit in second is the last leg of Saturn's evil cycle of 7 1/2 years. You will need to be careful and listen to oyur instincts rather than beleiving any outsider too quick. Do not fall for too good to be true schemes. It will be better to compromise and settle rather than getting involved in litigations as the results will not be favorable and you will end up spending a lot on legal fees alone. Your expenses towards vehicles will increase in 2019 in shape of increased insurance or frequent repairs. Professionally you will continue to well. Number of clients will grow but will be hard to save any till May 18th. Projects started in early part will become profitable towards the second half only. It will be better to seek second opinion before you make any big move this year as Saturn will throw bait and you may end up investing heavily in a bad project. Avoid buying any property for investment purpose and especially an old one. People prone to litigations will have to be very careful in 2019.


Jupiter will transit twelft house, the house of expenses till March 31st before moving into first along with Saturn and Rahu  Mars will stay in sixth house till June 22nd. Money wise the send half of 2019 is better. There will be changes in career this year and you may leave the company you had been working for a long time and join a start up. Some of you may be appearing for some kind of competetive exam to improve your prospects. People in business will continue to face stiff competetion but will survive. You may be successful in recoving some money but only a part of the total amount. You may be offered a new partnership or business when Jupiter enters third house. People in sales and marketing will also benefit from this transit. Money will come and disappear fast as usual in first half but you will definitely see your bank balance grow in second half. You may get some money out of an insurance claim in month of August. An old friend will help you a lot with advice and even financial support. Your expenses on children will increase and you may move to a better place or buy your own place for the first time around summer this year. Jupiter's transit in your sign can hook you up with a nice person and the relationship can turn into permanant beofre December. You will have visitors at your place in month of July. Financially you will do very well after September and may even make money through stocks or other investments. Spouse will have better health and will make lots of progress in career this year. 


Saturn will transit house of loss and expenses and Jupiter will move from house of gains to house of loss on March 31st, 2019 . Mars will stay in eighth house till June 22nd. You will need extreme caustion in almost all matters this year. Do not involve yourself in any unnecassary litigation but one of  Your pending appeals will get accepted and you will be off the hook. There will be few positive changes in career and you will be moved at least couple of levels up. Business will be better and new product will be an instant hit in the market. Time from April and onwards is great to make any moves in career. You will be spending some money on your home also. You may renovate or add more space or rooms to it before summer. You may need minor surgery also to cure some health issue that crops up every now and then. Month of September will prove to be a turning point this year. What ever happens in September will not be any less than a jackpot in your life. You will be travelling to west coast and the trip will be very beneficial. Jupiter's transit in fifth after may 18th will bring large gains from distant places and overseas. You will gain knowledge and wisdom. There is a strong chance of addition of a new member in the family towards the end of 2019. You will receive valuable advice and guidance from a matured person who will steer you in the right direction. Stocks purchased in early part of 2019 will turn profitable after August. Even weak  Saturn in twelfth will bring confidence back and it will make you more popular in the social circle.


Saturn will transit eleventh or the house of gains this year. Jupiter will be in tenth till March 31st and in eleventh alongwith Saturn and rahu house for rest of 2019. Mars will continue to occupy seventh house till June 22nd. You will be slightly restless in the begining of new year but after february you will be completely charged. You will gain from overseas projects and may have to travel frequently to distant places this year. Confidence level will be on the peak and you will make more and will be able to save lot in 2019. It will be a better year for people in sales, marketing and people connected with the communication industry. The chances of moving to better location becomes very strong after may 18th when Mars moves into your fourth house. Transitting planets  in seventh may create some tension with life or business partner till June 22nd. You will need lots of patience in that area if you wish to maintain things at it is. You will become more humble and will help many needy people in 2019 and develop interest in philosophy and spirituality. You may make some generous donations to a worthy cause in 2019. Do not take any impulsive decisions about career and grab second opinion before you make any move, it will help you go for better deal. You will be getting some construction work done in or around your home this summer and may replace one of your vehicle also. Your image in social circle will improve and you may be appointed to some important post in an organization. Just stay calm with partners and you will make it a very fruitful year.


Saturn will stay in house of career. Jupiter will continue to occupy ninth till March 31st before moving into tenth. Saturn's transit in tenth is very favorable for all career related matters. It will make you professionally strong and bring long term stability in career. The position you had been waiting for and really deserved will be offered to you on a silver platter with enhanced benefits and easy terms. This Saturn will help you get things resolved with government agencies also and may help people with political aspirations , trying to grab a position in government. Justice you deserved in legal matters, will be served in your favor but without much financial gains. More of a moral victory. Jupiter on the other hand will keep protecting you from getting into mess from time to time, though the temptations you will come across will be hard to ignore or turn down. Your expenses will increase and so will be income in 2019, but you will get to enjoy life more this year and may travel to places you had on hold for past several years. Money wise month February, May and July are favorable. June is the right time to make the offer on a property in slightly warmer area. You will be spending lots of money in month of May and probably got for the quality and expensive items this time for the home. You may travel to a nice place with family towards the end of July for few weeks. You will also make some very useful connection who will immediately become helpful. Some of you already in business, will expand your horizons. Spouse can get better with change of diet and exercises or Homeopathic medicines. You will have absolutely no difficulty in obtaining couple of big loans during the year. Any legal problem during the year, will get solved very quickly. You will have better control over your finances in 2019.

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