Yearly Horoscope

Year 2018


Jupiter the lord of ninth, the house of luck will stay in seventh till October 11 before moving into eighth for remainder of year. Saturn, the lord of house of career and gains will stay in ninth, the house of luck till the end of 2018. Rahu will occupy fourth and Ketu will stay in tenth. Jupiter's presence inn seventh is  a clear sign of some kind of Divine help and Saturn on the other hand will force you to make certain sacrifices in order to achieve bigger goals in life. Some of you will move from present home, but not too far away. Jupiter in seventh will cause some health problem to spouse but with just change of diet, things will come under controls. It should be a better year in every respect. You will be tempted to change your job, it will happen only after a long wait and several attempts, so if you have that kind of patience, go for it. Expect big financial growth towards the end of 2018 when Jupiter moves into eighth house.


Saturn, the lucky planet will stay in eighth a sign previous to house it owns. Normally Saturn's transit in eighth is bad but in this case it will make an exception. It will benefit specially people working in hospital, health and Insurance agencies. Any surgery performed on you, will be successful. And of course there is no escape from hard work this year. People working on developing some futuristic product will be successful on achieving goals this year. Stay in touch with elder ones and try to visit them as and when possible this year and check on their health frequently. You may also change one of your vehicle in mid year. You may get rid of some ungrateful people in your life in order to attain peace. Bank balance will grow and there is a big chance that  you may dispose off some earlier investment and pocket the profit. People looking for an ideal business or life partner will find their match after October when Jupiter moves into seventh.  


Jupiter the lord of seventh, partnership business or life and tenth, the house of career and profession will stay in fifth till October 11th. Saturn the loud of house of luck will stay in seventh throughout 2018. Affairs related to children will get settled to your satisfaction. Those looking for an addition in the family for long, will be blessed with one before October. Things in career will continue to prosper at a slow and steady pace and some of you may get elevated to a very senior position in the month of July this year. Problems will be followed by easy solutions. Spouse or you may have to watch out for any back injury, just try not to lift heavy items by yourself. Any pending legal matters with Government will get resolved by September making room for further growth in career. In order to be extremely successful, just don't leave anything for tomorrow. You will also receive blessings and superior guidance from a matured person and probably with gray hair.


Jupiter lord of ninth, the house of luck will stay in fourth till October 11th and Saturn will transit sixth , the house of enemies and diseases. Rahu will occupy lagna and Ketu will be in seventh. Ancient wisdom says, Jupiter impairs the house he transit means it will take you lots of energy to change things around you and in most of the cases you will feel handicap because you will be pushed in a corner in life, you may suffer because of something you did not do. Few close relatives and friends may do not treat you right. Now if you stay strong and maintain your sanity, Saturn will ultimately wipe out people who literally mocked you. This is one of the finest place for Saturn's transit as he helps you overcome enemy and any previous illness without going through any surgery. Once Jupiter moves into fifth, you will attain peace. Marriageable children will find their dream partner and ultimately it will prove to be another successful year.




Jupiter will transit third, the house of communication, speech till October and Saturn will continue to stay in fifth, the house of children, education and mind. Rahu will stay in twelfth , the house of expenses and desires and greed. You will be sick and tired of stale life and Rahu will give you strong desire to grow by risking all you have. Of course you can achieve most of your goals if you are ready to give up peace of mind. Bottom line, there will be lots of stress in life this year and you will have constant concerns about one ofyour child who ultimately for some reason, move out or away. Good year for teachers, people in sales or writers. You will develop excellent communication skills and suddenly find it very easy to get the jobs done even with well known difficult people or agencies. You may be separated from family on temporary basis. Try to see if you can assign responsibility on others and trust you colleagues and subordinates.



Jupiter will transit second, the house of family and finances till October and Saturn will stay in fourth. Saturn's transit in fourth is bad but in your case it will be neutral. Money wise expect lots of growth, business will boom and you will keep getting project one after another. You may also invest in a nice property before October. Some money will go towards buying expensive gifts for close family members. You will have money available for all your projects on time. You will also develop taste for sweet things, be careful. Saturn on the other hand will try to snatch away little piece of mind as you may be spending more time away from family. You will also change one of your vehicle and discard few friends from your mailing list. People looking for ideal partners for their new venture will end up with one very like minded. In between October and November, you will make lots of money in stocks. In all it will be a very fruitful year.


Jupiter the lord of third and sixth, two evil houses will transit first, health till October before moving into house of finances. Saturn the favorable planet will stay in third throughout2018. Liver, you will have to be very careful about, control consuming liquor and drink safe water in case you wish you avert severe problems this year. Whatever health complications you have, modern medication will not help. Saturn on the other hand will lots of prosperity in life. You will take big chance and the gamble will pay off and you will reap rich rewards. Saturn will help more to people in networking, telecommunication, hardware and It industry. You may also win couple of small legal battles this year. Long distance journeys will be on increase and you will use logic when communicating with others. A great financial opportunity around August will be a turning point in life, the only string attached will be moving to other state.


Jupiter the ruler of second, house of finances and fifth, house of education and children will transit twelfth, the house of expenses till October before moving in first. Saturn on the other hand will stay in second, the house of family and finances throughout 2018. This Saturn will help most who deal in cash sales on daily basis. It gives one chance to make unaccounted money, for others they will need to be very careful as expenses will not leave you alone for a minute and you may end up borrowing heavily on your cards or even againstyour property. It will be better to get rid of aged vehicle or it will keep chewing your money. Your expenses and commitment towards children's education will rise drastically this year. Do not invest in stocks or will suffer loss immediately. It will a favorable year for people connected with either health or accounting industry. Things will come under quick controls after October. Even the best guess will not work in first half.


Saturn an evil planet will transit first and Jupiter will stay in house of gains till October before moving into house of expenses. Life will get slightly harder. You will be working extra hours to make more money and keep up with commitments and deadlines this year. Watch out for any injury in lower back and change your chair at work and at home if possible. Strong chances are that overseas travels may increase during the year. Money wise you will be comfortable as hard work will not go waste at all. You may also dispose off some property for a decent profit. Value of your other assets and investments will appreciate considerably. During the year you will make couple of very good friends who will be inspirational and guide you in right direction. Some of you may even join a short term training program to start a new venture in totally different field. Any venture started in partnership will not last long as the partners will get out early next year.


Jupiter the lord of twelfth and third, two evil houses will transit tenth, the house of career profession and government till October. Saturn on the other hand will stay in twelfth, the house of expenses and losses this year. Caution is the key word. You will have to face challenges here and there at work or in your attempt to find another job or even switch field. Stay away from getting involved in any legal battle on short or long term basis. Teach family members not to waste money and stop buying things that can be avoided. Planets will keep you restless and spouse will not extend full helping hand either. Planets can even cause temporary separation with spouse this year. Do not hesitate to seek advice from and old acquaintance who helped in in yourgood times. Don't buy any used vehicle or a fixer upper property either. Feeding birds on regular basis will keep you focused and you can come out unscratched this year. 


.Saturn will transit eleventh, house of gains. Jupiter lord of ninth, house of gains and second, house of finances will transit ninth, house of luck till October 11th. There will be tremendous financial growth this year. You will be plain lucky in all financial matters. Expect few promotions and prestigious assignments this year especially one in the month of August. Jupiter in ninth will cause big changes in yourreligious beliefs. You may suddenly leap towards spiritual life rather than following the traditional religion. Some of you may join hands with some very successful and influential person and start a joint venture. Some money will go on upgrading existing home this summer. You may travel overseas with family to attend a celebration in close family. Jupiter's auspicious ninth aspect will help those seeking for an addition in the family. You will become more mature and calm and enjoy better health. It will be a good idea to stay in contact wit old friends. There is a strong chance of some kind of financial windfall in the month of November.


Jupiter will stay in a weak position in eighth till October and Saturn will stay in tenth, the house of career throughout 2018.You will be given few tough assignment or projects this year. Some of you will be spending extra hours at work to meet the deadlines from time to time. Money wise there will be lots of ups and down. Sometime you will have lot and sometime almost none. Your advise and strategy will benefit others but you won't be ale to apply and benefit from same formula. One of child living away, may move back with you. There is a very nice opportunity coming your way in month of October and it can be yours if you make up your mind quickly the moment it's offered. You will be going on an interesting trip with family overseas towards the end of 2018. In October suddenly everything change for betterment with new financial opportunities and better image in social circle. Few close people will try to cause disturbance, but will not succeed.

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