Seven Planets


tands for soul, king, government, heart, politics, people in power, prominent people of society, hospitals, direction east, orange color, stomach, name and fame, drugs and liquor, will power, immigration, father


Stands for mother, mind, white articles, paper, and dealing across water, retail business, clothing, queen, cough and cold, lunacy, addiction to drugs, salesman, short-and long-distance journeys, and coastal areas


Stands for courage, stamina, blood pressure and other blood-related problems, brothers, armed forces, post office, agricultural products and farming, fast-food restaurant, dealing in meat products, pizza place, foundry, electrical engineering, construction business, boils, unnatural calamities, red color and copper


Stands for reflexes, medicine, diplomacy, working with children, mathematics, memory, jungles, parks and places with greenery around, astrology, writers, publishers, trading, brokers, furniture, green color, skin diseases and eczema, nervous system, metal iron, driving skills, advance technology


Stands for wisdom, knowledge, wealth, guru, teacher, gold, fat in body, yellow color, consultant, banking, food business, financial brokers, ministers, sweets, religion, places of worship, medicine, ancient knowledge and techniques, charity, husband and fatherly figure


Stands for females, luxury, comfort, movies, dance, singing, things which shine, diamond, extra-marital affairs, business of luxury and costly items, ice cream and other cold items, business, venereal diseases, semen, beauty, cosmetics, intoxicating substances, musical instruments, actors, directors, show business, luxury cars


Stands for hard labor, mines, minerals and metals, barren land, automobiles, servants and subordinates, judges and attorneys, law, justice, isolation, separation, depression, knowledge and perfection in mantras, black color and art, delay, chronic diseases, arthritis, accidents and fractures, operation, thieves, imprisonment, sacrifices for humanity, denouncing worldy affairs, sanyas


Stands for foreigners, people from a different caste and culture, politics, gambling, lying, impediment, instability, desires without boundaries, harsh nature and speech, undiagnosed diseases, poison, snakes, black color, wandering from place to place


Stands for suddenness, taken by surprise, things with holes in it, things with dots on it, skin diseases, interest in the next life, salvation, capacity to predict, evil eye, witchcraft, supernatural experiences, uneasiness, lack of peace, sinus problems

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