Weekly Horoscope

September 29th - October 5th


It’s the positive attitude which will help you hit the bulls eye. Initially you will be shaky but success will bring confidence back. Mind will turn towards religion and you may pay a visit to a holy place with family this week. Just avoid consuming too much liquor at the party. You may be asked for more paper work to buy the new business.


You will continue your search for more avenues to increase your revenues. Things may keep getting tough at existing place and you may be under the pressure because of approaching deadline. Some of you will be traveling long distance in near future for a reunion. You may have little work done in or around your home this week.


You will be assigned an important position or project by boss. Do not get too friendly with the associates or the work will not get done. You will be paying several bills this week but will have enough leftover. There will be last minute change in your earlier plans and you will end up attending a party thrown by a close relative.


There is absolutely no harm in being ambitious but take expert opinion before you make any big financial commitment this week. Watch out a female co worker who’s been asking too many personal questions lately. You may try some over the counter or home made remedy to counter an health issue. You may visit a close relative this weekend.


Continuous reminders will help you recover at least part of Loan made to a friend. Some cracks could start appearing in a new relationship, have patience if you want to make it materialize. Expenses will not leave you alone but you will be successful in putting some money in savings. Try to re connect with old friends and relatives.


Issue involving a child will cause some serious concerns and the solution will be hard to find. You may a have a chance to spend some quality time with a well known politician. Some one will send or bring you some gifts. Money wise you will stay comfortable. Sale of profit making Stocks will give you some extra money to enjoy.


Don’t pay attention to conflicting feedback others have been giving you and just listen to your own instincts if you really want to make it happen. Little sacrifice on your part will fill some one’s life with happiness. Some one in family will be going on a short trip. You may have to keep checking on an elderly person’s health.


You will get a lucky break in career. the news will come this week and the implementation could take few more days. You may be traveling to a considerably warm area to attend an event with the family. Money wise you will stay comfortable but still looking for additional income. Ongoing legal matters will take a dramatic turn.


Jupiter’s aspect on house of luck is really helpful. Your efforts and courage will turn the table in your favor and all you will overcome all previous fears and uncertainty in life. Money wise it looks like a rewarding week and the rewards will be more than expectations. People in business will experience better sales and feel like celebrating.


And of course the expenses will not leave you alone. People in business will need to pour in more money in order to stay well ahead of competitors. You may develop a taste for hot and spicy food. Eye sight need to be tested again. Drink more clear fluids in order to stay calm other wise you will loose some one close because of bad choice of words.


Mars will make you impulsive but Jupiter will hold you back very tight. This is not to time to show your anger and react. Only patience will get to out of a muddy situation you are in because of some bad choices made in the past. You may also give final shape to a short vacation to an exciting place. Children will continue to well in their lives.


You may not like the way things are shaping up in career. Some of you may be assigned a position away from home but with added bonus. Move is almost imminent. Expenses will stay under control. You may completely drop the idea of buying a running business not doing so well. You will attend a wedding or big party with family this week.

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