Weekly Horoscope

October 24th - October 30th


Do not fall for the false promises; it’s a bait to get more out of you. If you can keep emotions under controls you have absolutely nothing else to worry about. Changes you had been waiting for will start taking place in career at fast pace. You may purchase some big ticket item for personal use. Value of your assets and stocks will appreciate.


There is a threat to your reputation, so express your self in black and white very carefully and make correct choice of words to communicate. Planets will keeps hopes high about money and you are right there is a big chance to strike it rich or make big bucks this week. Risk will pay off and once again things will start moving your way in career.


Legal matter will come to an end and the wastage will stop. You will be getting ready for an upcoming trip. Money wise you will continue to stay very comfortable and have several chances to make extra bucks. You will have the opportunity to enjoy company of some beautiful people. Money will go on buying new cloths and expensive perfumes.


Efforts made in the past will start bearing fruits from now and on. You will be assigned to a prestigious project. You may attend a get together with other people in similar profession. Business will also pick up suddenly and new vendor will help you save lots of money. You have to let the past go and forget about things you lost, they are not coming back.


Some one close will hurt your feelings. Do not let slow progress shake your self confidence. Some of you will start trying your luck in total different field. There will be victory in ongoing legal battle very soon. You will be making big plans with family for coming summer. You will be applying for credit or some kind of loan application also.


Uncertainty and confusions could develop and you will be given limited options. You may be in touch with an expert for advice but any decision will be hard. You will spend a lot of time on writing mails and reaching out people. Some of you may travel long distance in connection with office work. Money wise it will be rewarding week.


Your talents will be recognized. Opportunity will come on a silver platter. It will be better to have the language changed and clause removed before you sign that contract. Some one from past will read the signs wrong and try to flirt with you. You have to be careful when driving or parking your vehicle. Business trip will be very fruitful.



It will take few weeks to regain self confidence. You will take few courageous actions but will be nervous and scared at the same time. You will be making plans with children and spending more money on them. Uncertainty will disappear and stress will also reduce a lot at work place. Financially you will continue to do well and meet commitments easily.


Knowledge recently gained will help you move into right direction. You will make final payment on several bills. You will visit a nice place with family to meet an old friend. A child not doing so well in the past will make remarkable recovery. Enemies and opponents will try their best to hurt you but will not succeed.


Money will come and disappear fast but will go on good reasons only. You will learn some thing new and useful that can help and open new doors in career. Chances are you will be on the move throughout the week and also accomplish a lot. Avoid any argument at home or some one close. You will need to replace electric item in the house.


Take a chance and listen to advice given by some one in powerful position. There will be some progress in a property related issue and things can come to a closure soon. You will continue to deal with strong opponents and ultimately win. Some one will call from distant place and give a pleasant news. People in business will have better sales.


Money wise you will do better from now but may have some concerns about health. You will make big change in food habits. You will pay lots of attention to some one who took care of you in the past. You will spend some time among politicians also. Stress at work place will come down and you will be assigned to an easier job.

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