Weekly Horoscope

March 14th - March 20th


Transiting five planets in third are very favorable. time spent on phone and writing mail will get quick and favorable response. This is the right time to get in touch with a government agency and apply for the clearance. Try to stay little calm when you are on phone. People in communication or sales will benefit most this week.


You will buy some nice indoor plants or do some serious gardening around your home. Material studied recently will come handy and the chances are you will be moved to next level at work this week. You may be spending lots of money towards children this week. Meeting with a successful and self employed person will go very well.



It may be difficult to find the solution involving a child and you may have few sleepless night because of this tension. People looking for a change in career will receive a good lead or an offer and will start working on it. You may be studying some useful material to update your knowledge. An upcoming trip will be finalized.


Still combination of Sun, and Mercury in eleventh and Saturn in seventh  is favorable. Changes this week will be nothing less than a miracle and will bring all the energy and confidence back. You will get to spend an evening with some important people and get close to them quickly. You will not take much time to grab the offer on the table.


Combination of Sun, Mars and Jupiter in fifth will help you achieve professional goals and will especially help those looking for a career change. One of your strong opponents will move away. You may gain morale victory in ongoing legal battle or an appeal may get accepted by a government agency. You may start a new relationship.


Things will start improving as combination of Mercury and Venus in house of luck is favorable. You will slowly regain confidence and start working on your plans more aggressively. Just avoid hot and spicy food for next few weeks. Bank may need more details or paper work. Insurance bill will come down a lot from now and on.


You are still traveling on a rocky road, as long as you stay focused and keep an eye on your goals, it will soon be in your grip. You may have to take an older family member for check up this week. People applying for another job will be called for another interview. One of your older vehicle may need minor repairs this week.


Combination of three planets in second continues to steer your life in the right direction making much efforts. Opportunity will come by itself. Luck is definitely on your side so do not hesitate to take chances and aim high. Spouse may continue to have aches and pain in joints. You will be on the move most of the week and enjoy it.


Its high time you get in touch with siblings and enquire about their well being. Presence of Mercury and Venus in your sign is encouraging. Things you had been waiting for months may finally take place causing lots of excitement in life. People at home will show their immediate support. A new door to make money will open up for you this week.


It’s the health you should be extra careful for next couple of weeks. Always keep water next to you and have some sips before you make any major decisions. Impulsive decisions could prove self destructive. Get the clause you don’t like removed before you sign those important papers this week. You will get to meet old friends at the party.


Planets in eleventh keep opening new avenues to make money one after other. You will make good use of time on hand and take family out to a nice place for dinner. Just avoid too much oily things and sweets. Some of you will be making a smooth switch to a better job this week. One of your old vehicle will need minor repairs.


You may have to deal with legal issue you had been trying to avoid for past six months. Favorable changes will continue to take place in career. Some of you may have slight change in a partnership setup. Contract you sign this week will have positive impact for long term. You may invite few old friends and close relatives for dinner.

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