Weekly Horoscope

September 19th - September 25th


Things should keep getting better. You may start some kind of loan process. Change of diet and little exercise will bring health issues under control. You will discuss about a short vacation plan with spouse. You will keep receiving valuable advice from a learned person. Colleague who joined recently may call it quit putting extra workload on you.


Planets will help you make several intelligent choices. You will be very lucky in all money matters and maybe lay your hands on some real easy money. You may be finally able to dispose of a property chewing up your savings. Spouse will need more support and comfort from you. Some of you may find an interesting assignment overseas.


Don't let heart rule the head and do what is just under the circumstances. You may win some money through speculation or lottery. Strong Mars will keep energy level high and you will be doing lots of work in and around the house. You will be working on a interesting project and getting ready to travel in near future to a distant but nice place.


Negotiations will move in positive directions and the offer is on its way. You will become more popular in social circle as a result of your past selfless services. Loan application will go through without any difficulty. You will get in touch with a government agency for a favor. You will meet an interesting person during the course of a trip.


Tension about career will reduce but not go away completely. New offer will be interesting but will be lot away from home. Meetings will someone special will take you closer to a firm commitment. You will call an expert for some advice. Idea of taking a long distance trip to see an old friend will cross your mind. You will meet financial commitments on time.


You can really get a lot done if you put your mind to it. Deal will be signed but take over will take quite some time. Application will be accepted but you will be asked for more documents. Some one will try to drag you into unnecessary argument. You will need to change an electric gadget in the house. There will be several deals in pipeline.


You will learn and benefit even from opponents. Boss will be on your side and protect you. Some of you may start a new and exciting relationship. You will get to meet many friends at the get together this week. Financially you will stay comfortable. Problem in stomach because of irregular food habit can be overcome with minor medication.


Meetings will go well and you will be assigned the prestigious project. A partnership will help you excel in ways you can not even imagine. Money will just keep slipping out of your hands. Property will need minor repairs. There will be last minute change in travel plans. Sibling will need your valuable advice. You will take family out to a nice place.


You will start to feel more energetic and finish lots of pending work. Be willing to take full responsibility and show your dedication in order to get others on board. You may feel attracted towards a new colleague. Money you need will become available and on last minute only. You may drop the idea of move for the time being but not completely from mind.


Combination of Moon and Jupiter in the twelfth can bring much needed boost in life. Quick thinking and timely action can take you to next level in career. Business will pick up suddenly and you will sign fresh and big contracts. Hard work and prayers will be answered. It will be better not to open up even with close relatives and tell them all.


You will have to chance to make friends and learn from some experts. New deals will change the moods and you will start to feel lucky and good about yourself. Hooking up yourself again with someone you used to deal in the past will not be a bad idea. Change of diet will help improve health issues. Spouse will spend money on buying some expensive items.


Competition will reduce and you will be in line for second interview. Success is also indicated in a highly competitive exam. Strong Venus will make things easy and keep the money coming. You will gather energy and finish some important paperwork. This is the right time to form alliances for your project. A female will be very helpful in your crusade.

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