Weekly Horoscope

August 18th- August 24th


Do not be nervous and go ahead with your plans. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Money wise you will continue to do well. You may take family out and relish your favorite food. You may buy some new perfume or cloths for yourself this week. Spouse may complain of aches and pain and feel tired due to extra work.


Stress about a child will increase and you will be spending time on exploring avenues to resolve this issue. Do not rush to conclusions and remember that you can take better decisions and make better choices only with a cool and rational mind. You may also give final shape to an overseas trip. Money will come and disappear fast as usual.


You have some money coming through legal channels. You will continue to gain edge over your opponents and competition. Help coming from an influential friend. You may successfully resolve an issue with a government agency this week. Spouse will support your ideas and plans. Financial juggling will reduce your liability and expenses.


Idea of adopting the legal channel to prove your point is not bad. Money wise things will still stay on the edge but relax you have big chunk of money coming your way in immediate future. Some of you may  entertain a guest in your house and go around with him. Any change in career this week will prove lucky for you.


Some of you may start another venture in partnership with some like minded people. A tall person will be helpful and give you some leads. Extra running around will not only be helpful in generating more revenues but you will shed few pounds also in the process. Your past efforts will improve your image and popularity in social circle.


.Luck is definitely on your side this week too, so out and take your chances. You will be able to recover some old debts also. You may accept a challenging assignment or contract this week. It will be better to dispose off money making stocks and wait for another time to buy them back. You may miss some one who was too close at one time.


Stress level will increase little bit. Do not let small issues make you loose your sleep. You may have to answer to some legal query. Be careful as this could be the beginning of a long process if not handled properly right now. Money wise you will continue to stay in safe zone. You may take family out for dinner at a new place this week.


It will be slightly expensive week and you may have to use money out of savings in order to meet the commitments. You may personally visit a government office to get some work done. Eye sight may start giving trouble and you may start using reading glasses. Relationship will continue to move in right direction and commitment can come any time.


You will finally lay your hands on something you wanted to have very badly. Minor obstacles will be followed by quick and easy solutions. You may be successful in getting some tricky thing done from a government agency. Luck is definitely on your side and you should take advantage of every opportunity.



Money could go on making some changes in or outside the property. Strong Venus will help you achieve professional goals without any hurdle. Children will also do better in school. Slowly you will be working on a long distance trip. You have some money coming through legal channel this week.


You will make big change in diet in order to get into shape. You will be slowly working on a great plan that can take you towards financial freedom in association with some already successful people. Some one you knew in the past will call or send a message. You will also finalize a small vacation with family to a new and exciting place.


Be careful with money for some more time and avoid taking any chance with law. Party will be entertaining but stay away from nosey people. Boss will call you and assign an important project and someone to help also. Spouse will give you some great ideas but lack of funds will delay the launch. You may get a chance to pass on knowledge to a needy kid.

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