Weekly Horoscope

December 8- December 14


You will give up and express
yourself in very strong language. Message will go across but may not make
much impact on other party. Sacrifices made earlier will not go waste and
you will need help of an expert. You will meet all your commitments and s
will still have some leftover. Idea of taking a trip overseas will cross
your mind.


New commitments will have long term
impact on finances. You may go out of your way to win some one’s heart. You
will make plans to travel to a nice place coming summer. You may temporarily
develop taste for sweets. Determination and focus will take you closer to
your professional goals. You will attend a big community event this week.


You will become health conscious and
start with little exercises and change in diet. Gamble will pay off and you
will make extra money and sign a long term contract also. You will also win
some favors from a government agency making room for big improvements in
career. You will also have a chance to pass on valuable knowledge to a
worthy student.


Have confidence in your self and go for
the opportunity thrown at your feet with full blast. Money will go on buying
some fine items for personal use. You may make money through stocks also.
Check from insurance will also arrive. You may start calling friends for a
small get together at your place. Do not rush to conclusions about a


Its your turn to take care of people who took
good care of you in the past. Money will come in plenty but will just slip
out of your hands. There will be some encouraging changes at work and you
will be working with new people for next few months. It will be better to
eat food at regular intervals to reduce the problem. An old friend will
visit you.


If you are quick and play your cards right, the
dream opportunity is in your pockets. You will become very diplomatic and
act little childish at home. New boss will assign additional work, putting
you under lots of pressure. Some one close will encourage and inspire you.
Property deal can go through immediately if you offer little more.


You will be offered the deal that will be hard
to turn down. This is the correct time to make long term commitment. Strong
will and determination will help overcome fears. People who hurt you in the
past will be in deep trouble. Letter written will get immediate and positive
response. You will be in generous mood and ready to celebrate.


You will come across several new opportunities
in life. Grab them but avoid risking something for which you had been having
patience for past several years. For others money wise it will be a
promising week. Stocks recently purchased will appreciate suddenly and it
will be better to dispose them off for the profit and wait few days to buy
them back.


There will be improvements but not up to
expectation, so something is better than nothing. You will be more
optimistic in life and make all attempts with great confidence. Spouse will
be under pressure and need to relax for few days. Buy or make offer on a
property after doing thorough investigations. Money wise it will be a better


Bachelors may face slight opposition from
family about a relationship. You will be doing a lot of soul searching and
make some positive changes in your general outlook. Avoid taking any chance
with law and drive within speed limits. You may be traveling to coastal
areas to meet some one. You may be in market to replace an old vehicle.


You will spend time with prominent
people and make good and useful contacts. Property related matters will get
resolved suddenly. You will be the one called for another interview among
many applicants. You will make final payments on several bills and come out
of negative. A child will need your time and support with his education this


You will have to deal with some one
smart but little cunning person. Stick to your numbers and the other party
will finally agree. Trips taken will not go waste and new associations will
be beneficial for you. You will be able to help several needy people with
your expertise. This week is also very favorable all financial decisions.

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