Weekly Horoscope

September 4th - September 10th


It will be slightly expensive week. You will enjoy life at home and outside also. You will be making few calculated moves and see instant results. You may dispose off some profit making stocks too this week. Legal matters can also get settled favorably. Boss will give you the good news and offer the position you wanted.


Business will multiply and so will be the confidence level. Luck is on your side and most of your plans will go through withput any difficulty. You may attend a big party this week and get a chance to meet many old friends. Spouse will purchase some expensive item for the house. Your bank balance will shot up this week.


Mind will be relaxed and the family reunion will take your mind off usual stress. You have some easy money coming your way this week. Do not take any chance with weather and carry proper protective cloths. You will be slowly working on an upcoming presentation. Dispose off money making stocks and wait.


You are going to enjoy this week with family and friends. Some of you will be getting ready to leave for an exciting trip to another state. Mind will stay undecided about a new offer that requires relocation. Stay calm if you wnat to get job done quickly on the phone. handle all tools and electronics with care.


Efforts will not go waste and the results will be almost instant. Package you have been waiting from a governmnet agency will come on the last minute. You will be charging heavily on credit cards. You may have some guests at your place for few days this week. You will be attending a big social event.


You will be sorrounded by admirers at the party. You will make some very sound decisions about career also. Mind will stay very sharp and set on your goals. You will spend money on buying some nice items for the house and immediate family members. A governmnet official will try to give some hard time.


It will be better to put off all important financial decisions for another time. Strong Venus will help you enjoy life at the same time with family and friends. Drive within speed limit and avoid taking any chance with law. You will spend lots of time on phone and try to get in touch with some old friends also.


 Offer will come from totally unexpected place and you will quickly accept it. You may take some days off before starting the new project. There will be some last minute and minor changes in your travel plans. Some one will send  nice and expensive gift. Spouse will take little time to agree on plans.


Colleague may have total different opinion and try to enforce ideas on you. You will make change in your earlier plans and will be looking for long term gains. You may narrowly escape getting a parking or speed ticket. An old friend will call and invite you to a big get together. You will try to control your diet.


All uncertanity will disappear and yopu will be more optimistic about life. An important issue involving a child will get resolved the way you wanted bringing relief in every body's mind. Money wise you will stay comfortable and get rteady to leave for a short vacation. You will call an dold friend to thanks him.


 You should cut downon nicotine or caffeine consumption. You may need little medicine to tackle soem problem in stomach region. It looks very promising week for people working as brokers. A big contract will be awarded to you and some one lot younger will be instrumental. You will make plans with children.


Separation from people close will make you feel very lonely. You may try to make good use of extra time on hands and do some serious cleaning in the house. Go ahead and invest in the property if you wish as this is the perfect time. You may go to the mall and buy limited but very practical and nice gifts for others.

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