Weekly Horoscope

February 2 - 8


Enjoy your life but within legal parameters. Some trouble brewing up from a female so watch out. There is a strong chance of promotion or raise in near future. Some of you may be advised minor surgery to tackle some health problem. You may appear for some very competitive exam this week and will come out with flying colors.


You will be very fortunate as far as money matters are concerned. Exalted Venus in second can get you big chunk of easy money. Stocks will also appreciate and you may dispose them off for a decent profit. You may put your needs aside and go out of your way to help a needy friend or sibling this week.


You will hear couple of encouraging news during the week. New opportunity will knock at your door and you will not take much time to go for it. Some of you may have your eyes set on a nice piece of property and start the paper work also. You will be invited to a small get together by a friend this week.


You are going to put all worries aside and enjoy with close family and friends. A big promotion or raise is also on the horizon. You may be seriously looking to replace one of your vehicle. You will become very ambitious and will not be scared to make a risky move in career and really hit the bulls eye.


There will be lots of activities in life this week. Some of you may grab the offer and make a quick switch to new job. Financial benefits will not be too much but it will be closer to home. Some money could go towards legal bills or paying a fine. New relationship will be exciting and keep you busy.


You will be working extra hard to meet the deadline. Hard work will not go waste and soon you will be moving one step up the ladder. A sibling will call to seek your advice on an important matter. Business will improve and any journey undertaken this week will be fruitful. Relationship will keep getting stronger.


You may be thinking of shutting down one of your project chewing up all your savings. Saturn in second will keep you on the edge as far as the finances are concerned. You may meet an interesting personality at the meeting or during the course of the business trip. People prone to litigation should be careful.


Few important developments in career will cause lots of excitement in life. A female could be instrumental in your success. Business will pick up all of a sudden and new subordinates will take lots of load off your hands. Some of you may be getting ready to move to different state. You may visit a holy place with family.


You will need more than your earlier budget to fulfill your commitments this week. Some of you will be moving to better location soon. You will continue to work on your diversification plans and the developments will be encouraging. You will get ready to go on a short trip with a child. You will make some useful friends this week.


Do not think too much and stick to your guns. Planets will help you take the right decisions and make correct choices. A child may get accepted in desired college. You will start to enjoy the company of a new colleague. Keep working on your business plans as the right tools will become available to you in near future.


Get together will be entertaining and every body will appreciate the arrangement. Sales will keep improving and few new customers will give you good business. You may try to cut down on caffeine or nicotine consumption. Value of your stocks will appreciate considerably. It will be better to dispose them off now.


There will be some interesting developments in career to your advantage. Money wise you will continue to do well and stay comfortable after paying all bills. Idea of going on a long distance trip will cross your mind and you will start making enquiries. You may call an old friend to inquire about his health also.

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