Weekly Horoscope

November 3rd- November 9th


You may make some money through stocks or win some money in lottery this week. Legal matters  should not be ignored as a prompt reply will get you off the hook early. Project you are working on can take you towards financial freedom. An old friend will send the invitation for the party. People in business will record better sales.


This could be the begining of a new and adventureous realtionship. Some of you may need to see a specialist for dry skin or some other skin related issues. Money wise things will start to pick up from now as Jupiter moves to a better house. You will finish project in hand well before the deadline, making boss feel happy.


Be diplomatic when dealing with people who dont like you in the first place. Pressure at work will increase because of deadline approaching fast. Its a better week for people seeking a change in career. If appearing for any highly competetive exam, the chances are you will come out with flying colors. bank balance will take a nose dive.


You will continue to make progress on project on hands. Boss will appreciate your efforts and make necessary recommendations. Children will do very well in school. You will be full of some bright ideas and look for ideal partners to implement them. An old health issue that keep coming back will still bother you for some more time.


You will spend lots of time on phone or writing emails this week. Any trip taken in direction east will be fruitful and get instant results. Spouse will be successful in sheding off few pounds with the help of exercises. You will be seriously looking into a good idea given by a close friend. You will attend a social event with family this week.


You will need to deal with a governmnet agency in order to sort out some confusions. It looks like a better week for all finacial matters as planets in second will give a chance to make some quick bucks. It will be a better week for people working as brokers. Some of you may be seriously thinking about getting out of a project not working out well.


.Week very favorable for all financial matters. Concentration of favorable planets in second will bring an excellent opportunity to make tons of money for short as well as long term. Ongoing legal matters will take a favorable turn and decision will come soon. You will gain a clear edge over you strongest opponents and competetion.


You will become very health conscious and make big change in diet. Concentration of planets in first will make you more popular and you will be sorrounded by admirers at the party this week. A child may be getting ready to move away for a good reason. One of your vehicle will need minor repairs. Money will come fast and disappear.


You may finally find the place of choice to move. Spouse will be spending little more than budget but will buy fine quality items. You will become more religious and may start going to a holy place on regular basis. You will continue to use all energy on an important project. Results will come but at a later time and date.


Concentration of planets in eleventh is helpful. Changes took place recently will start showing encouraging results. You will implement your idea and plans with full force. You will make final payment on couple of old debts and as a result all financial pressure will disappear. Some one younger in age will help you a lot this week.


Be careful when it comes to money as Saturn has just entered your house of finances. You will continue to march towards your professional goals. Trying your hands in totally new direction is not a bad idea. You may also receive some kind of clearance from a government agency. Stay away from buying any run down property at this point.


An overseas trip is in the air. Money wise you will continue to do well and make some money through stocks also. Partnership or relationship is about to be finalized as you will keep getting positive signals. Do not go out of your way to help others as any money loaned may not be returned on time. You will visit a holy place with family.

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